Don’t do it for the money

You may have spent the holidays re-evaluating your life and figuring out who you are and what you want. While these questions are often challenging, sometimes the answers come more easily when you’re not looking maintain your business.

They come when you try new things, meet new people, and when you get a little brave and move out of your comfort zone.

Then, bam! Your brain neurons fire, create new pathways and get you excited.

So, after speaking and interviewing hundreds of happy and successful women at, I came up with a list of 16 new habits every woman (or man) should try to keep this year.

1. Spend less than you earn.
Track your spending habits and zero in on your spending culprits: impulsive purchases, regularly dining out all add up.

2. Take a packed lunch to work.
It’s healthier, you know what’s in your food and you save money too.

3. Learn a new recipe every month.
You don’t need to be Nigella Lawson to whip up delectable dishes. Cooking is a creative process and is great for the soul. You might even win some new friends.

4. Burn calories not fuel.
Leave the car at home. Take the stairs. Bike to work. You’ll feel better.

5. Take time out from social media.
See the difference it makes when you ban mobile phones around the dinner table, gatherings, and other social interactions.

6. Declutter your wardrobe
If the price tags are still on or you haven’t worn them over the last six months, you don’t need them.

7. Your shopping motto should be: “Do I really need it?”.
Before you part with your hard-earned magic plastic at the counter, ask yourself this question.

8. Eat and talk slowly.
You’ll enjoy your food better and you’ll learn to hold your tongue.

9. When a man shows chivalry, say thank you.
Chivalry is not dead. We just don’t appreciate it enough when we see it.

10. Get involved in your community.
Volunteer, support your local festivals, fun runs, and community events.

11. Have “date nights” with the girls.
Invest in friendships. The rewards last a lifetime.

12. Learn something new.
Whether it’s dancing, photography, painting or learning how to change tyres.

13. Dust off that business plan sitting under your bed.
What are you waiting for?

14. Do it now.
Nothing feels better than knowing what needs to be done is done: your tax return, invoicing, or writing your first book. There’s no better time like today.

15. Smile more often.
Do you have a “resting bitch face”? When you’re concentrating or thinking, do you look intense and sometimes even a little pained? According to science, smiling transforms us physiologically and relationally. Try it.

16. Don’t do it for the money.
Research says happiness sits at about $100,000, and plateaus after that point. But the real question is: what makes you happy? I bet, it’s not the money.

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Article written by Robelen Bajar

Online veteran, blogger and business brewer. Revealing hidden treasures around the Internet. Writing about cool people, ideas and businesses. Mixing business + leisure. Sharing my online journey.