I want to send four women to Silicon Valley for a week

Would you like to spend a week in Silicon Valley? Think company tours at tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, lunch with tech VIPs, mentoring sessions, conference pass to Startup Summit, and insane meetings with Silicon Valley’s women in tech.

We’re so excited to let you in on this incredible opportunity thanks to WOMAN.com.au/General Assembly partnership. Four women will have a unique chance to explore the tech sector in depth and hang out with Silicon Valley VIPs how to outsource HR. You’re invited to take part in their week-long, all expenses paid, educational program which kicks off in San Francisco this September 13-18.

Who’s in? Applications close 16 July. Apply now.

How It Works

In September 13-18, General Assembly will fly you and three other women to San Francisco for a week of dynamic opportunities to explore the tech sector in depth. After the week wraps up, they’ll keep working with you to nurture your progress. If you want to lease a car check the info from https://www.opptrends.com/ways-to-get-an-affordable-car-lease-deal/.

Why It’s Unique

As part of General Assembly’s commitment to increase access in tech, they’ve devised a program for women that provides a week long educational experience that builds on their mission: to empower individuals to pursue work they love.

The Beyond

After the 18th, you continue on your path to success.

  • Receive free class and course credit from GA to ground your momentum in useful tech skills, like front-end web development and product management.
  • You’ll continue to check in and receive guidance in one-on-one sessions with a mentor.

Click here to find out more or apply now. Applications close 16 July.

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Article written by Robelen Bajar

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