On going solo.

That’s me with my dance partner, Sean.

Robelen Bajar - 2010 Australian Dancesport Championships

Winners are grinners: Robelen Bajar and Sean Lawrence at the 2010 Australian Dancesport Championships

It’s been a heck of a long time since my last entry. So I thought I’d start this year’s blog with reflections of the past 12 months as it has indeed been a year of massive changes personally and professionally – new directions, new goals, new life and a new boss… we’ll get to that later.

After a few high-heel wearing and power-dressing years in corporate (I would have easily won best-dressed if there had been one), attending meetings that eat up my day, managing the never-ending churn of marketing campaigns, playing politics and fighting with and alongside the boys (it was a male-dominated industry) – experiences that I thrived upon once upon a time, suddenly lost its appeal.

I no longer wanted to play.

So I carefully packed my little trinkets, keepsakes and pieces of inspiration I kept on my desk during the many highs of my marketing career inside my LV suitcase (I could afford it back then), bid my colleagues goodbye and started on a new journey. A journey which, in those times of self-doubt, brought me to a few detours and rotundas. But with an otherwise clear head, the road before me was smooth, the energy vibrant and the air filled with the taste of opportunity – exciting and scary at the same time.

I know what I am after in this journey – to live a life that gives me the freedom to

  • pursue my passions (dancing and writing),
  • work on exciting projects (anything online),
  • work through my list of personal projects (watch this space!), and
  • spend more time with people I love.
  • All while having the financial capacity to live a comfortable life.

    So now I spend my days doing the things I love. And I can tell you I have never worked this hard. Ever. Because you see while I am the boss now, I also do every single thing. And loving it!

    And the only time I spend hours on sky-high stilettos is the place I call home: the dance floor.

    I ended last year with a huge bang winning a title at the Australian Dancesport Championships – 3 inch heels, glitter, glam, sequins and all! This year I want to bag an even bigger title. And it may not have anything to do with dance or high heels at all.

    How about you? What is driving you this year? And I don’t mean a car.

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    1. Ai
      Ai March 23, 2011 at 1:55 pm |

      Always enjoy reading your blog! Lot of us don’t have the courage or the skills to get out of the industry – you’ve got the both…that’s what makes you super cool and I’m proud to be your friend! PS…Yes, you’d have won that best-dressed contest any given day if there was one! I’d have certainly won wearing-same-clothes-too-often contest if there was one, haha.

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    2. Matthew Millsap
      Matthew Millsap June 14, 2011 at 12:53 pm |

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