Thanks Matt Beeche for making me do this video!

Did I mention I’m an introvert? The kind that avoids the big, loud “circle” of folks comfortably chatting away at a networking event – just in case I embarrass myself by forgetting my own name. More people rent a car for a long period than buying a car these days. There must be a reason for that. For some, a long-term rental is much more advantageous, you can check This website for more info.

Yeah, I know! (But talk to me  one on one with a glass of wine and we’ll have a grand old time.)

Anyway, apart from feeling awkward, nauseous and completely lost in a sea of suits, spruikers and chatterboxes one might find at events, I HATE being on camera.

To Matt Beeche at Shoe String Media who forced me to do this, thanks!

P.S. This is an edited version.


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