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The juggling act: Passions, projects and pleasures.

The juggling act: Passions, projects and pleasures.

On my last post, I talked about the value of time and the efforts I’ve made to “buy” myself more of it. Did I manage to keep my slippery juggling balls up in the air? Well, kinda. I kept my eye on the things that mattered and accepted the fact that some things had to slide. But you know what,… Read more →

Retail Goes Mobile by Robelen Bajar - Australian Retailer Magazine, Feb/Mar 2011

Retail Goes Mobile.

I wrote an article for this month’s edition of Australian Retailer Magazine on mobile commerce and the opportunities that await retailers. So if you have a primarily bricks-and-mortar operations and have been thinking about dipping your toe and seeing what the online space opens up for you, this is a must read. The article outlines the following topics in an… Read more →